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Requirements for SPCA Dogs

The SPCA believes that dogs should be a part of the family and we will only adopt to people who feel the same way.  We will not allow an adoption if you are intending to keep the dog outside, away from family members, all day and night.

We do not have a history on all of the dogs up for adoption since some are surrendered by Animal Wardens or come in as strays. We can only tell you their behavior since they have been with us.  We do not know the specific breeds of each dog or the exact ages.  Once again, because they are rescued we have to guess as to what they MAY be a mix of and what age they appear to be.  Please note that many of these dogs have not had the best start in life, have behavioural issues and will require training to learn how to become a loving, house pet.  If this sounds like the dog for you we would love to hear from you!

All of our dogs are up to date on vaccines, given dewormer, microchipped, heartworm tested, spayed/neutered, kept on Heartgard Plus & Advantage monthly and are all fed Pedigree dog food. 

Applications must be completed in person at the SPCA Shelter prior to viewing any dogs, 32 Valley Rd. Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 4pm.  Once completed and approved, we ask you to monitor our website and call to arrange a meet and greet. All available dogs are posted online.  Dogs can not be shown without an appointment.

Prohibited and Restricted Breed Requirments:

Before adopting a prohibited or restricted breed from the SPCA you must meet certain criteria.  These are guidelines based on SPCA policy and Bermuda Government requirements:

  • Enclosure and Fencing - larger than 60 square feet, secured with chain link fence (invisible fencing is not acceptable).
  • Gates - all gates and entranceways into the dog area must also be secured with a lockable device.
  • Exercise - almost all of the dogs on the prohibited or restricted list were bred to be working or hunting dogs and if they are not given the correct amount of stimulus and exercise they can become destructive.  In order to prevents this, you must walk and/or play with the dog every day and be committed. 
  • Property check - Both the SPCA and the Government Animal Wardens will need to also visit your property and provide signed approval. 

For more information on Prohibited or Restricted Breeds please review our brochure Prohib.Restrict breeds 2015.pdf.


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