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Adoption Stories

Lucky Charm's Happy Home

Our family is very happy with our adoption of Lucky Charms a few weeks ago.  My daughter, who is underthe age of 5yrs had been asking for a pet guinea pig following a school field trip to Wind Reach in early July.  Since we don't have any pets, I figured that we would visit the SPCA and see if there were any for adoption that we could consider.

When we came to the SPCA she was so excited to see the rabbits and guinea pigs and she immediately fell in love with Lucky Charms who seemed to be a good fit for our family.  Although a little shy, she was not afraid to pet him and I wanted to be sure that she really wanted to have a guinea pig as a pet.

Since bringing Lucky Charms home, my daughter has given him a new name: "Bubbles".  Bubbles has settled right in and seems to be happy with his new home.  We feed him water, guinea pig pellets and timothy hay.  On occasion, he has had a special treat of green peppers.


Bubbles is getting used to being handled.  We let him out of the cage so it can be 

cleaned and also so that he has regularly exercise .  He likes to roll a tennis ball around under his chin and toss a toilet paper roll.  We notice that he makes some cute, little sounds as he's playing.  Sometimes Bubbles gets excited and runs around in his enclosure, doing a quick hop in the process.

I appreciate the SPCA contacting us since the adoption to see how we are adjusting.  Please find a few photos attached.  We will keep you updated as time goes on.  

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