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Adoption Stories

Angel - Raya


Angel ~ Raya

So Raya has been home for two weeks now. She's doing great. Most people are surprised to learn she is from the SPCA as she is so well adjusted. She appears to have no trust or aggression issues. She is so playful. Our older dog Tiki doesn't love the playfulness as much as we do so we're working with some expert advice to help them become better friends. Raya definitely likes to have things in her mouth like you mentioned but so far we've kept any damage to a minimum. She's great at trading things for a toy or treats. She learnt her new name and sits for treats. She still pulls some on the leash esp when she sees another dog or cat but she's doing so much better. She gets a morning and evening walk most days and playtime outside. We took her to the vet for her first annual physical. They have an orthopedic specialist coming down in the summer so we're going to get his opinion on Raya's back leg. She did great at the vet. She's been in the car and does great. She's met new people including kids and does well there too.  Oh and she sleeps really well at night which as a "new parent" I was worried about. She's only had 2 accidents in the house. One the first day and one the other day when it rained and I didn't pay attention to her signals to go outside.  All in all everything is going really well.

She's just like an overgrown puppy and we love her. 

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