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For a lost or found dog please call the Government Animal Wardens @ 239-2327 as well as the SPCA.
For any lost or found animal please also check with the animal hospitals, Ettrick 236-0007 & Endsmeet 236-3292.
Call the SPCA to inform them if you have found your lost pet @ 236-7333.
You may also contact the local radio and TV stations to advertise a lost or found pet.

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  • Jennifer Murdoch Adcock
  • 799-2179
  • 4 Kitty's Lane
    Hamilton Parish CR04
    Behind old Post Office and old Bermuda Perfumery

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  • 10-08-2017
  • Polly
  • Cat
  • White with Black Spots & Tail
  • Polly is tiny and only 6-7 lbs and is fluffy like a bunny. She is white with a black tail, black ears and 3 black spots on her back and each haunch. She is an inside cat who might be scared outside. But she is very sweet and will be hungry.
  • Female
  • 11
  • Wearing a collar?
  • Kitty's Lane, Bailey's Bay, behind old Perfume Factory, by East Swizzle Inn
  • TBA
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  • Please help us find her. She is an inside cat as she is not allowed to eat lizards or she may become very unwell. We love her so much and miss her and are so scared for her. She is our little baby girl and we want her to be home with us. Please let us know if you see her, whatever you see. Thank you for your help. Take care.
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