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How to live with Cats in Your Neighbourhood

Community cats, also called feral cats, are members of the domestic cat species just like pet cats, but are not usually socialized to people and therefore not adoptable. Cats have been living outdoors near us for more than 10,000 years. They typically live in groups called colonies and have strong social bonds with their colony members.

So, you’re seeing cats in your yard...

Like all animals, community cats make their home where they find shelter and food, often in close proximity to people. We understand that not everyone enjoys having cats in their yards, and these simple tips will help you divert outdoor cats away from certain areas. You may also want the cats to stick around; some ideas below will help make areas attractive to cats. Coupled with BFAB's Trap-Neuter-Return and ongoing care, these quick steps will help you coexist with your neighborhood cats.

For more information on handleing feral cats or detering cats from your property click here What to do with Feral Cats.

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