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Pet Travel

Importing and Exporting Animals

What you need to know about bringing cats, dogs and other animals to Bermuda.

I wish to import an animal

I wish to export an animal

I wish to import or export an exotic animal or animal product

All animals arriving in Bermuda must be accompanied by an Import Permit issued in advance by the Bermuda Department of Environmental Protection.

Application for Permit to Import Small Animals (Dogs, Cats) 

Application for importing other animals.

Tips for Taking your pet away with you for Christmas

or any other time of the year.  Simple article that answers the basic questions and helps to start organising your pet travel to and from Bermuda.

Pet Travel to and from Bermuda

Read more here in an article (dated 17 Aug 2012) from the Bermuda Sun news about traveling to and from Bermuda with your pet....

American Airlines Pet Travel Policies

American Airlines Pet Travel Policies.

British Airways Pet Travel Policies

British Airways pet travel policies.

Delta Airlines Pet Travel Policies

Delta Airlines Pet Travel Policies

Airline Pet Policies

See this "Worldwide travel resource for pets."

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