Abigail has a very gentle, loving and calm personality.  She loves going for walks, squeaky toys, and snuggles on the couch.  She also loves her beds and mats; the safe places she likes to hang out.  She loves being with adults and children.  She has had interactions with toddlers as well as older children.  Abigail can be a little shy and nervous at first.  Providing her with love, reinforcement, and being with her humans and canine family alike, she becomes more comfortable and confident.   While Abigail doesn’t like the water she has spent a lot of time around a pool with kids splashing and making lots of noise.  Abigail is well trained and she freely goes into her crate when she is encouraged to go to bed.  She likes to sleep at night in her crate and will quite often sleep until 8 or 9 in the morning. Abigail has a sensitive tummy and skin and is on a special diet.  She loves being with other dogs-any kind of dog. She walks well and plays well with other dogs and she would like to be able to socialise or live with other dogs.   Abigail likes cats too, but the cats she has been around run, so she chases them. If Abigail finds a home where the cats are used to dogs, then she may not chase them and/or can be trained to not chase them.  Abigail would be a great addition to any family and she is seeking her forever home.

I am scheduled to be spayed as soon as it is possible.