Caleb is a year old Pitbull that has been part of our foster family for just under a year. He has enjoyed the company of two labs, his brother (Cyril) and two human teenagers. He is a people person, happy, and a real snuggle pup. When he is ecstatic he flips on his back and roars. Your first cup of coffee in the morning will be full of giggles with him around as he is quite the chatterbox. He is very inquisitive and will investigate anything that moves… birds, mice and lizards. Caleb is a sensitive pup who does not like loud noises. He loves to be close by and enjoys being near people. Playful and energetic he loves car rides, beach walks  and snuggles. Ice cubes, paddling pools and his sprinkler are his very special toys. He LOVES anything related to water. Caleb is crate and house trained. He is an adorable pup with so much love to give and is just looking for his forever home.