If you are looking for a handsome, well-behaved dude let’s meet. You call my people and I’ll have them set us up on a date.

I arrived at the shelter in Aug 2022 with my brother and sister. We were given an awesome room to stay in.  It had toys and warm blankets and beds in crates to snuggle in.  Staying there was lots of fun. We had visits from humans, big and small, and friendly, adult dogs who played with us. There were play tents, jungle gyms, and the humans even showed us an iPad with different animal sounds!

In October, we moved into foster homes to learn about living with humans full time . We still saw each other every day at Puppy Kindergarten where we met many different kinds of dogs. On the weekends, we would meet at WindReach and do puppy class with Pawsitve Puppy.  Volunteers would regularly come and work with us too.

 My brother and sister now have forever homes. I’m 8 months old now and I’m awesome  ~fostermom says so. I love riding in the car and school drop off for human foster-bro with the gang is fun too. My Foster Mom works from home, so I just hang with her and her other animals. She says I am a good boy who can be trusted to hang out in the house with her. If I need to go.. you know …potty. I will walk over to her and stare at her then walk to the out side door. … sometimes I have to do this 2 or 3 times before she clues in. But that’s okay.. I’ll train her eventually.

I live with 3 other dogs, 3 parakeets, 2 guineapigs and Ralph the duck.   He’s fierce so I stay out of his way. The Guinea pigs are cute and make squeaky noises but I don’t really care about them. The budgies make all kinds of noises and I like to watch them .   I love taking naps and having a cuddle with my foster peeps. Foster mom says I snore but I don’t believe her.

I went to another Foster mom for a bit while my first one was on vacation. It was super fun.  I was the only dog there.. (woohoo more snacks for me..) We went to the beach and to a place called Taste, where we met loads of cool people all who said I’m the best boy ever. Everyone loves my beautiful orange coat with dark stripes.

I’m back with the gang. Hanging out and having fun but I often look down the driveway wondering where my people are. I do  love my foster humans but they are not my forever peeps.  I can live with anyone. Kids, no kids, dogs, no dogs, cats, no cats-I’m happy either way.