Hi, I’m Nacho. I just turned 17 weeks. For the last two weeks I have been staying with a Foster family to learn how to be an awesome housedog. They have four other dogs I get to play with everyday. So far everyone I have met has been super cool and I like all of them.

My foster mom and dad say that I am the cutest with my one stand up ear and one floppy ear. I am enjoying lots of cuddles and scratches from everyone I meet. My favorite things are cuddling with my humans and playing tug. My foster humans are teaching me how to play basketball and fetch.

I sleep in a crate at night and when my foster peeps go out. I get along with other dogs and could learn to like cats and small animals. I would really like a family of my own. I think I could live with other animals, but I could also live on my own. If you were looking for a super sweet, super cute, laid back dude then I’m your guy!