Hi, I’m Tobias but my foster family calls me Toby.  I get along with everyone in my foster family’s house. They have all sorts of small animals who live safely in their cages, from birds to rabbits and guinea pigs… ( except the duck… he scares me).  I do not like cats at all. We are mortal enemies!

My foster family has a busy house with lots of people and dogs coming and going all the time and so far I have liked all of them.  My favorite thing to do when I’m happy or someone comes home is to go get a toy or shoe or my blanket and carry it around and show them my prize. My foster mom often will exchange my “prize,” as she calls it, for an even better prize or a treat.  I LOVE to be with people and other dog friends so I will get upset when left alone. I have my own crate when my foster peeps leave the house.

Being close to my humans is where I want to be. I have my own bed in the living room where I sleep when anyone is home-I don’t mind sharing it with a doggo friend… or even my human foster brother. I also sleep on the floor in my foster parent’s room at night.

I am super athletic so need a very secure, fenced-in yard.