Happy does not adequately describe a morning greeting from Togo.  He patiently waits for the door to his pen to open and then the antics begin! This gangly, long-legged pup practically dances across the living room to go out back with his house mates, Lego and Squishyface, for their morning constitutional. He is a thoughtful pup who quickly warms up to new people, as we saw repeatedly on a short adventure to visit  Miss Debbie at Boats & Barks and the staff at Marine Locker.  School runs in the car have become a favorite.

Togo joins in with  10 other puppies at Puppy Kindergarten twice a week. Pawsitive Puppy has welcomed him into a 6 week class at WindReach along with his siblings and other SPCA puppies.  Whilst initially shy of new, bouncy dogs, he warms up quickly and plays well with all the puppies in Puppy Kindergarten and can easily live in a multi-dog home with well socialized dogs that won’t bully him.

He loves his people, still greets the SPCA staff with a bounce and a happy tail wag.  Togo has been in Foster care with 4 other dogs, 3 humans, several guinea pigs, and budgies.   Togo has fast become a family favorite.