Kitten Does More Than Purr Under the Hood

A very lucky kitten was saved by the SPCA Saturday, after a harrowing ride to Hamilton from St. George’s in the engine of a car. On Saturday morning Phillipa Mello, the chief inspector from the SPCA, was contacted by Valerie Wallace, of the Bermuda Feline Assistance Bureau, after Ms Wallace was startled by a “mewing” […]

SPCA Looking to Expand

Animal welfare group the SPCA has been given planning approval for its proposal to extend the facility in Paget. The Planning board agreed that the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) should be allowed to remove part of its existing shelter, and replace it with a new, two storey structure. The lower […]

SPCA Seeks to be a Landlord

The SPCA might be taking advantage of renovations at their Valley Road property which would allow them to create two small apartments on the property for rent, according to shelter chairman Dr. Andrew Madeiros. “We don’t want to go in to the landlord business,” he clarified. “We wouldn’t be charging top dollar – but these […]

SPCA to Start Searching Soon for New Inspector

Animal welfare group the SPCA is to begin interviewing soon for a new inspector after Charles Whited left to go back into the construction industry. Mr. Whited left the position on March 14, and ads have appeared in the Press for a replacement inspector to take over at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty […]

SPCA to Take a Stand on Circus Animal Acts

Animal welfare group the SPCA is to write to the Minister of Environment to raise concerns over animals being brought to the Island purely for entertainment reasons. Chairman and veterinary surgeon Dr. Andrew Madeiros said the group had met and decided it would not support any future animals coming to Bermuda for circuses, and the […]

SPCA Expected to Push for End to Animal Acts

Animal welfare group the SPCA is expected today to take a firm stand against animals ever coming to Bermuda again for the purpose of entertaining residents. Chairman and veterinarian Andrew Madeiros said the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) would be discussing the issue at a meeting last night and would decide, […]

SPCA Expo Cancelled Due to Maintenance

The SPCA Animal Expo has been cancelled this year due to proposed maintenance work at the Botanical Gardens. Inspector of the charity Charles Whited said Agriculture and Fisheries had withdrawn too many of the buildings used for the event due to the planned work, so the show was no longer viable. The SPCA Animal Expo […]

Cup Match No Holiday for Bermuda’s Pets

Cup Match may mean emancipation for humans, but for some pets it often brings nothing but misery and abandonment. “Generally summertime tends to be very busy for animals being brought in,” said Dr. Charles Whited, Inspector at the SPCA. However the Cup Match holiday, he added, “starting from the Wednesday through to the Monday, is […]

SPCA Says Thank You

On behalf of the Bermuda SPCA committee of management and shelter staff, I would like to thank the residents of Bermuda for generously supporting the Bermuda SPCA on their recent tag days in Hamilton on Friday, April 12 and in the Parishes on Saturday, April 13. The total amount of money raised was $11,000. May […]

SPCA Responds

Please allow me to respond, on behalf of the SPCA, to the two letters in the newspaper dated November 19, 2001, regarding the cruelty case involving “Fluffy”. The first writer, Kevin Grigsby, defends Fluffy’s owner Mr. Walter Brangman stating that he had taken good care of Fluffy over the years. While it may be true […]

Gift Helps Terminally-ill Dog Owner Care for Pets

A dying man has been given a generous gift by the SPCA in order to continue to care for his two beloved dogs. Smith’s parish resident Joseph Ascento has been donated dog food for life in order to continue to care for his two canine companions – Patsy and Carol. A dying man has been […]

Cut Rate Pet Neutering Offer

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is offering a 50 percent rebate on the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats from next Tuesday to March 31. By The Royal Gazette