Efforts to rescue a feral cat stranded five storeys above the ground ended sadly after the animal leaped away from its rescuers.

Yesterday afternoon, SPCA staff responded to a report of a cat stuck on the top of scaffolding at a Park Road construction site in the City of Hamilton.

Workers in the area said the animal had been stranded at the top of the structure for as long as two weeks.

With onlookers watching from a nearby office building, Inspector Glyn Roberts of the SPCA and a member of the public climbed the structure in an effort to save the animal.

However as Mr Roberts attempted to catch the cat it jumped off the structure, falling to the ground below.

The cat initially survived the fall and ran a short distance away to Dundonald Street, where it was caught. Mr Roberts attempted to rush the cat to a veterinarian for treatment, but it died from its injuries en route.

“The cat took one look at me and the other guy and it just jumped,” Mr Roberts said. “Unfortunately, it didn’t make it.”

By Owain Johnston-Barnes The Royal Gazette