SPCA Closed To Public Due To Fungal Outbreak

The Bermuda SPCA is experiencing a fungal outbreak, and due to the contagious nature of the fungus and the need to decontaminate the facility, the shelter is under quarantine for two weeks. “The outbreak has at this time has been contained to a portion of the feline population and has not affected other animals in the Shelter,” the SPCA […]

SPCA: Open House on Saturday

The SPCA is opening its shelter this Saturday for the public to meet animals, adopt pets and join in a raffle. The open house is being held in lieu of the charity’s annual Fun Fair and Expo at the Botanical Gardens, which is not being held this year. From 11am until 4pm, the SPCA shelter […]

Bermuda SPCA Set To Hold Halloween Camp

The Bermuda SPCA is getting set to host its Halloween Camp from October 26 to October 30, with a series of activities planned for children aged 10 to 14. Activities at the camp will include exploring myths with animals, a full tour, scavenger hunt, pumpkin carving, animal presentations, special guests, interactive games, and fun Halloween […]

Cat Adoption Push a ‘Great Success’

A cat adoption event held by the Bermuda SPCA on Saturday has been hailed a great success, with 12 cats being given new homes. However, there will always be cats available for adoption until the number of unwanted kittens on the Island is reduced, according to Deborah Titterton Narraway, the charity’s communications and fundraising manager. […]

The Purr-fect Time to Adopt Adult Cats

The Bermuda SPCA will be waiving adoption fees for adult cats at a special event this weekend. According to Jodi Corbett, the shelter is at “cat-pacity”, with cats of all shapes, ages, colours and sizes looking for their forever home. “We have some amazing cats with us at the moment and our hope that if […]

SPCA To Host Cat Adoption Event This Saturday

On Saturday September 19th, the Bermuda SPCA is having a cat adoption event, to encourage animal lovers to come and adopt the adult felines in the Shelter’s care. The Shelter said they are at “cat-pacity” with cats of all shapes, ages, colours and sizes, making it a great time to consider adding a furry feline […]

SPCA: Agreement For Restricted Summer Hours

“A mutual agreement between the owners and the SPCA, has been reached and once the carriage operation resumes it will be with restricted hours, 7-8:30am and evenings during summer months,” the SPCA said. This follows after a horse recently collapsed in Dockyard, prompting an online petition entitled “Keep the horses out of the heat” which […]

Shelter to Provide Shade for Working Horses

A temporary shelter will be erected to provide shade for carriage horses working in Dockyard, the SPCA has revealed. The animal charity and Wedco have joined forces after a horse collapsed from heat exhaustion on Wednesday, prompting fresh concerns for the welfare of carriage animals in the West End. The SPCA says that after talks […]

Horse Collapse Prompts Appeal for Shelter

An animal charity is renewing its appeal for a designated water shelter for horses to be built in Dockyard. The call comes after a horse collapsed in the searing heat at 12.30pm on Wednesday while returning to its stable. Several people went to the aid of the stricken animal, providing water and shade while it […]

Plea for Courts to Take Pet Cases Seriously

The chairman of the SPCA shelter has called on the courts to take animal-related cases more seriously, claiming they often “get shoved down the ladder”. Veterinarian Andrew Madeiros spoke to The Royal Gazette yesterday after charges against the owner of a boxer, who killed his neighbour’s dachshund, were dismissed on a legal technicality. Dr Madeiros […]

SPCA Breaks Ground On New Stempel Stables

The Bermuda SPCA has taken a step forward in their effort to protect the island’s larger vulnerable animals by breaking ground for a new stable facility. The new facilitiy intends to expands on the SPCA’s commitment to bettering the lives of Bermuda’s abandoned and abused animals. Located on the site of the current Shelter on […]

Minister Attends SPCA Stable Groundbreaking

The Minister of Health, Seniors and Environment Jeanne Atherden was on hand at the recent groundbreaking for the SPCA Stables, offering congratulatory remarks at the event on May 11. Funding for the stables has been raised over the past several years through donations made by the Ernest. E. Stempel Foundation. This project will enable the […]