We just wanted to show you Tabatha (name changed from Panda), and how she is enjoying her new life!  She even slept in the bed on her 1st night – what a ‘gal’.  She has had an odd moment or 2 – nothing too serious – but getting more comfortable day by day….and we love her […]


She and Nuna have been fine when together and are taking a nap right as I send this to you!  We are pleased to have her as a part of the family and appreciate all you and the SPCA have done to bring us together.

Brody, Chase, & Didi

We rescued 2 bunnies and a cat from you last year.   The cat was an old one that was surrendered.  His name was Scar.  He has been renamed Brody or King Brody and he has made himself right at home and even made a new younger brother named Oscar.  We have developed quite a little […]

Star & Midnight

Star and Midnight have happily settled into their new home.  Star is more adventurous every day, and Midnight is full of life and healthy.


Dear SPCA , we cannot thank you enough for the four dogs we have adopted through you over the last twenty five years. They have each, in their own way, enriched our lives and stayed firmly in our hearts. Olive, adopted two years ago, is a constant delight. She took a while to find her […]


I didn’t expect too much from Raven after the first meeting . She pretty much ignored me but Sarah wanted her so it was not long before Raven was home with us. I always wanted an early riser in the house to keep me company at 4:30/5:00 am. It’s a good time for a walk […]


She has enjoyed the quiet of my daughter Elli’s room for as long as she liked. She’s starting to explore her new home but definitely prefers to be with Elli in “their” room, lol!  She is a true Queen! She demands lots of affection and attention. She LOVES to play on Elli’s area rug, as she […]


Bailey is settling in at home. He’s a very sweet boy and we are thrilled to have him. He’s still a little scared around others, but I’m sure he’ll be the life of the party when he’s ready. Thanks to the SPCA for his care before we met him.

Thank you Team SPCA 

Thank you Team SPCA – staff, foster families, volunteers and everyone behind the scenes!! There are innumerable reasons why an animal ends up at the SPCA and we were initially cautious about adopting from you.   It was the puppy dog eyes that drew us to request a meeting but it was your Team that sealed […]

Ambrose & Theo

Just wanted to give a quick update on the Guinea Pigs, Ambrose & Theo. They are loved & have settled in with our family beautifully. Thank you SPCA for our fur babies.


Silver has been with us since January 11, 2022 and he has made himself quite comfortable in our home, as you can see from the pictures below. He seems to be quite the foody and I have had to Google veggies and fruits that are safe to feed him. The sound of the refrigerator door […]

Tina & Rosie

(Formerly Paula & Addison) We adopted Tina and Rosie from the Bermuda SPCA in November, 2021. They were healthy kittens who had been so well cared for and socialised by the SPCA team. They settled extremely quickly and were curious, playful, and full of fun from the day we brought them home. They have wonderful […]