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Education – Overview


When you teach a child to be kind to animals 

You help pave the way to a brighter future for all living beings


On October 9, 2010 the SPCA launched their official Education Program.  The SPCA feels that education is key in prevention of cruelty, neglect and irresponsible pet ownership.  The efforts of Humane Education Department are focused on teaching the community the value of animals and their needs.

The SPCA has established a program available to preschool to IGCSEs providing lessons per year group.  These lessons allow the teacher to incorporate humane education into their curriculum whether it is Mathematics, English or Science, to name a few. For example, we delivered a P5 math lesson with the focus being on what a cat needs from a responsible pet owner. Then it's followed with an activity of word problems that the students work through to get an idea of how much owning a cat costs per year.

Our program also includes talks to larger school and community groups about the SPCA and the work we do, Animal Care, Healthy Living and Dog Safety.  We spoke to over 700 people in May 2011 on Dog Bite prevention alone.

Our Shelter Tours are 30 - 45 minutes in length.  The first half of the tour takes place in the Amy Outerbridge Clendenen Building where it is discussed what the SPCA does, how animals end up at the shelter and what we can do to help.  The second half of the tour is walking through the shelter and getting a real look at the animals that have been surrendered, abandoned or abused. 

The SPCA runs several camps throughout the year. We have the Summer Camp which is 2 months during the summer, July and August. We also have Fall, Winter and Spring camps that run in conjunction to the school holidays. Please visit our website often to see what camps and education programs we will be offering next!

In the 2010/2011 school year (first year of the full time educator) we reached 1955 people (children and adults) this was over 100% more than what was expected from the first year of the program.

In 2011/2012 school year we reached 3241 participants. Almost a 40% increase in participation of our programs.  For a total of over 5000 people in the first two years of the program.


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