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Middle School

The SPCA has an education program that we would like to bring into the middle schools to share with the young people.  Our program involves talks about the SPCA, responsible pet ownership, and pet care.  As young people, middle school students are becoming aware of the world around them and becoming involved citizens in their local communities. The SPCA would welcome the opportunity to share and discuss challenges that are present for animals in Bermuda.  These opportunities link nicely to their curriculum as an extension activity or you may find it useful to place in your advisories and allow for a series of discussions rather than a onetime lesson.

 Some topics that I have outlined for the middle schools include:

·       Pet Profiling: students take the time to look at their lifestyle and what type of pet fits best into their world.

·       Selective Breeding: Students will learn that there are a number of breeds of dogs and they were bred for certain characteristics. How does that play into choosing a dog for your home?

·       It’s a Balancing Act: How do the decisions we make about our pets affect our neighbors and our community?

·       Overpopulation: What can we do to help control the population of feral cats in Bermuda?

·       Animal Nutrition: The importance of a good diet.  Are there complications in animal health as a result of a poor diet? What are some special dietary needs of Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs?

·       Monsters within them: What parasites are common in cats and dogs and how do we treat them?

·       There are ethical discussions to be had about dog fighting, animals used in research,   puppy mills and alternatives to preserved specimen dissections etc.  These topics may require more than one lesson and can develop over time.

 All of the above topics elaborate on some of the CIE Schemes of Work objectives in M1-M3 Biology;

·       Similarities between a variety of animals (Bc)

·       Animals grow and reproduce (Bc)

·       7 Characteristics of living things (Bc)

·       There are some living things that are too small for us to see (Bv)

·       Nutrition; Balanced diets and the effects of deficiencies M1, M2, M3(Bh)

·       Understand that Selective breeding can lead to new varieties M1, M2, M3 (Bv)

·       Learn about factors that affect the size of populations M1M2,M3(Be)

·       Appreciate Human Influences on ecosystems M1, M2, M3(Be)

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