Claudia Mibelli
Lorissa Peters

Ava Swart

Amanda Miehm

Heidi Daniels-Roque

Sharon Landry

Margret Heyliger

Oliver Anderson

Helen Thomas

Caroline and Michael Foulger

catherine lombardi

Alexander Cook

Maria Hassell

Lindsay Hyland

Lara Hall

Arzarie Maybury

Tania Kowalski

Bonnie Exell

Elizabeth Adderley

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Colina Outerbridge

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David Mulholland

I am making this donation in the name of Jackie Correia, who recently passed away.

Nina Froncioni

Happy Birthday Kobe ❤️

Ben Readdy

This donation is for Seren Jones’ Birthday – Happy Birthday Seren

Eugene Simmons

This donation is being made in Memory of Mr. Harry D. Powell and it comes from Sacha & Eugene “Penny” Simmons.
Our deepest sympathies go out to all of Harrys family, both here and in Canada.

Lori Steinhoff

Happy Valentine’s Day to the wonderful SPCA Staff and to our animal friends at the shelter.
Love from Mace and Diesel and their family

Gregory Wildhaber

Be my Valentine – Chloe and Lily

Michelle Pedro

Happy Valentine’s day to our sweet animal lover Madeleine! Love from Mummy and Daddy

Thomas O’Hanlon

Happy Valentine’s Day to my wife Deirdre, my daughter’s Eabha and Kate and my cat Tony from Tom.

Donna Amaral

in Memory of Manuel Viera

Nancy Manuel

In memory of Manuel Viera.
From Rick, Nancy, Hailey and Alexa.

Marlie Powell

Good Morning,
We have donated to the SPCA and adopted our cats and dogs over our many years of marriage. Mariah (AKA Una) is our current dog, adopted 3 years ago. She’s proven to be a life-saver through Covid and keeping me emotionally and physically healthy through my husband’s difficult final months, also providing much needed support to him. She was even allowed to visit her dad at Agape House, like any other member of the family–it was comforting for him to stroke her furry little head in his final days. The wonderful staff all loved her.
I’ve requested that friends and family donate to Bda SPCA in memory of Harry D Powell. (See RG announcement in Obituary section). I do hope this will assist you in your valuable and much appreciated work on behalf of animals. This might not be the Valentines message you were looking for, but my husband, our children, and the dogs and cats we’ve had the privilege to include as important members of our family, are the loves of my life.
Kind regards,
Marlie Powell

Duncan McMartin

In memory of my beloved cousin Duncan R. McMartin

Anna Dill

Dear Calypso, PK, Betty Black, Squiggles, Maxine, Charlie, Charlie the Chub, Reggie, Bobby, The Goats, Max, Kelsey, all of my fish and everyone who I may have forgotten. I love you all.

Pauline LeBlanc

December donation match from Resolution Re Charity raffle

Stephan Johnstone

Happy Valentine day! Just sending love to all the staff and animals.