A primary school pupil is planning to use her love of singing to host a lip-sync battle in aid of charity.

Saniyah Govia chose the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals because she has ambitions to become a veterinarian.

The seven-year-old would like others her age and older to audition for the event, which she hoped would be well attended by family and friends of those taking part.

Saniyah’s plan was born after she watched televised lip-sync competitions, in which contestants attempt to match their lip movements to the words on audio recordings of songs.

She said: “I wanted to do it to raise money for a charity. I chose the SPCA because I really like dogs and I want to be a veterinarian.

“Some dogs don’t have a home and I really want dogs to have a home.”

Saniyah added: “I’m going to be the host, I have to speak on the microphone and say the person’s name.

“I’ll ask my friends to make signs and I will make the invitations.”

Toni Tucker, Saniyah’s grandmother, is among the team of adults helping to organise the show and hoped the planning process would also be a learning experience for the West Pembroke Primary 3 pupil.

She said: “The past two or three years at Christmas time we have expressed to her she’s very blessed, she gets a lot of things, but we need to also give to other people who are not as fortunate as her.

“Lip-sync shows are something that her and I watch on the TV with the family.

“She loves singing and making up her own songs so I said, would you be willing to put on a lip-syncing battle? You will be the host, it will be your vision, you can tell us what you want to do.”

Ms Tucker, 53, of Warwick, said a venue was already arranged for the show, which is scheduled for summer [end of June].

The client service co-ordinator explained: “Her great-grandmother is going to be our secretary, people can contact her for information, we have someone who will act as a treasurer, we have a team put together.

“Saniyah will see the whole picture of how a little business runs in the background.

“We are trying to really show her how to become a leader, she can have any dream she wants.

“We have a very big village behind us, she has a beautiful spirit, so we just encourage her to be all that she can be.”

It was hoped children aged between 7 and 11 will try out for the show, which will include prizes, and tickets to be in the audience will be sold to raise funds for the charity.

A spokeswoman for the SPCA said: “We are incredibly grateful to Saniyah and her family for wanting to do this, we need more children in the world like her.

“One of the SPCA’s messages is to provide education to the community and in particular to children in our community. For children to see one of their peers doing something like this — we can’t replicate that, that’s incredible.

“Any donations, unless they specifically state otherwise, would go to animal welfare to care for the animals in the shelter.”

By Fiona McWhirter The Royal Gazette