A cat adoption event held by the Bermuda SPCA on Saturday has been hailed a great success, with 12 cats being given new homes.

However, there will always be cats available for adoption until the number of unwanted kittens on the Island is reduced, according to Deborah Titterton Narraway, the charity’s communications and fundraising manager.

“The Cat-pacity adoption event was a great success,” she said. “Twelve cats ranging in age from 11 months to 14 years were adopted and taken home.

“Unfortunately, until we can reduce the number of unwanted kittens through spaying or neutering, there will always be cats for adoption.”

Ms Titterton Narraway said the SPCA provided a low-cost spay and neuter programme to cut the number of unwanted kittens by ensuring that all owned cats were spayed or neutered and microchipped.

“Every cat deserves to be spayed or neutered because they will be better off socially, medically and behaviourally,” she added.

The event was held because the shelter had reached full capacity and emphasis was placed on finding homes for older cats that were often overlooked in favour of kittens.

“The adoption event was beneficial to the cats who found their forever homes and to those still living in the playroom who now have more space to let their personalities shine,” Ms Titterton Narraway said.

“The event was also beneficial to the charity as several people who came to the event thought the shelter cats lived in cages; they were surprised to see the large playroom where the cats roam freely indoors and on an outer patio.”

Twelve cats found new homes but the shelter also took in three new cats. Those still at the shelter will continue to be cared for by staff and dedicated volunteers.

The SPCA assists more than 500 cats each year by reuniting lost pets with owners, taking in felines given up by their owners, adopting cats to forever homes and by offering the CatSnip programme to prevent future unwanted cats.

By Lisa Simpson The Royal Gazette