If you do need to report cruelty, we can currently accept reports using the webform below or by calling the Shelter on 236-7333. These reports come directly to the inspectors. All calls are confidential and details are stored on a secure network accessed only by current SPCA Inspectorate personnel – and we do not divulge details.

CLICK HERE to access the report form to REPORT ONLINE. This form is contained within a separate database site so does not resemble the SPCA website—this is normal. Your information will be saved into the database and also sent to us by email. There is no need to do anything further.

Please note:

  • It is possible to report anonymously but we would be limited in what actions we can take if we cannot get further details from the person making the report. We also may not be able to fully exercise our legal powers to enter property if we cannot demonstrate that we were acting on a bona fide report.
  • It is possible to remain anonymous but just provide a phone number to us.

Once you make the report we may need to carry out further checks before we attend the scene, so reports will not always be responded to on the same day. We may also choose to attend at a time which is optimal for us due to daylight, weather, or the need to gather evidence.

If you would like us to provide an outcome to you please let us know. Sometimes while investigating, we are made aware of very private personal details concerning the persons accused of cruelty which can affect how we investigate. At the same time, we are unable to always convey this sensitive information back to the complainant.

Once we are investigating we ask you to refrain from accessing the animals, publishing photos, or confronting owners. Results don’t always happen straight away – sometimes the most effective and meaningful permanent solutions for animals take a little time to achieve. It’s also really important not to make assumptions about the situations of owners and animals – which is why the inspectors take time to ensure we have the full picture before acting.