SPCA is pleased to announce that the start of our Reading to Rescues programme!  Reading to Rescues is for children aged 5-12 years from beginning to advanced readers and is supervised by a Bermuda schoolteacher.  This programme is a wonderful opportunity for our community to engage with our animals, it gives children the chance to practise and sharpen their reading skills in front of a non-judgemental audience, and it provides our animals with much needed one-on-one socialisation time.

COST: $5 per session

TIMES: 4:00-4:30pm; 4:30-5:00pm; 5:00-5:30pm on Wednesdays

Parents/guardians can register their child(ren) for one 30-minute session each week with our shelter animals.  Please note:

  • Participation is limited to 5 children per session and is subject to change.
  • Siblings and/or friends are not permitted during your child’s reading session unless they are signed up in the same time slot.
  • Children will need to sign in and out of their session and wear a Reading to Rescues name tag at all times.
  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions, children will need to bring and read their own book(s) and/or reading practise work to each session, we will not be able to provide reading material at this time.
    (must wear mask whilst moving around shelter, can remove whilst reading, parent must complete track and trace form upon drop off.

Reading to Rescues

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