Ace is doing really well-settled and is loving his new home. The kids are giving him plenty of attention, hugs, walks and treats. He lets us know when he needs to use the bathroom. He is spoiled by all!!! Thank you so much again for the opportunity of owning a dog. Ace has surely brought […]

Honey (Milkshake)

Honey is doing amazing! Since she is so sweet i thought the name Honey fit her perfectly. She has settled so quickly! I am so so happy I could give her a home-she has fit right in. She gets me up super early for morning walks which I’ve started to love more and more every […]


Leo was timid and hid under the bed and couch for the first few weeks and now he is a completely different cat. He eats a lot but pretty much has made himself comfortable and is clingy but happy. He definitely is a much happier cat and now even sleeps on the foot of my […]


Last March we adopted a beautiful SPCA tabby cat named Bella.  She is healthy, happy and a loving member of our family. It’s August and Bella is now 3 years old. Thank you SPCA for your continued support and work.  We appreciate you all.


After adopting Lia from the SPCA, she has adjusted very well into the family. She has grown to be very protective and loving towards me. She makes everyone in the house laugh because of how smart and silly she is. I love my baby Lia and so happy to give her a loving home. 


“Hi, I’m Pepper, I used to be called Piper at the SPCA but my new mummy thinks I have a ‘sweet and spicy’ personality, so that’s why I’m called “Pepper”.  I love my new home! I get to play catch and do all the zoomies I want in the big front yard AND I have my own […]


Rosie is hanging outside In the sunshine with Elsa today :). She thoroughly enjoys all of the vegetables that she gets and the fresh fennel and nasturtiums and she likes to eat the hibiscus flowers which all of our bunnies have enjoyed.


We are so happy to have Chloe in our family! She is the adorable, very affectionate cat that we dreamed about.  My kids love her very much. Her transition period was very smooth; in my opinion she had no stress at all. She is generally calm and positive lady.


She’s a special dog. When we first brought her home she quietly looked straight into our eyes.  She is now a valued member of our family and her name Java is because of her beautiful colour and she gives us energy and gets us going every morning. Thank you SPCA


I’m writing to follow up on our adoption of “Cookie”. We love her so much, she’s done incredibly well settling into her new home. She’s extremely affectionate / cuddly and great with kids of all ages. Our son renamed her Timbit.  She’s more than we ever expected from a rescue cat. Our favourite thing she […]


We feel unbelievably lucky to have adopted Quinn from the SPCA. He is a very affectionate kitty and loves company. He likes to cuddle up close or on a lap and will roll onto his back for a tummy and chin tickle. He is incredibly playful, always keen for a game with our other cat […]


Tigger (formerly Sam) is doing very well and has adjusted very quickly to his forever home he shares with his older sister Midnight. He’s a typical little boy as he is into everything wants to play. He is also very cuddly when he wants to be.