Call the shelter:  236-7333 and then press 1

Genuine emergencies include:

  • Road accidents
  • Badly injured animals
  • Very unwell stray animals
  • Animals which are stuck or trapped
  • Animals at risk because they are in a situation which would affect their health because of the species (for example exotic animals in a cold or precarious situation)
  • You can also call us if an animal subject to physical attack or abuse at the time, although we recommend calling 911 if the incident is in progress

The following are not emergencies and should not be called through on the emergency line:

• Barking dogs (please call the animal wardens on 239 2327)
• Routine cruelty and neglect calls such as animals which have had poor care for a long period       (please call 236 7333 during regular hours)
• Illnesses or injuries to your own pets (please call a veterinary hospital)
• Lost and found dogs (call the dog wardens on 239 2327)
• Lost and found cats (call the SPCA during regular hours)
• Enquiries about the SPCA opening hours, availability of animals or surrender of animals