Children are being taught how to recognize dog body language so they do not get bitten.

The SPCA programme is designed to teach youngsters what warning signs to look out for and how to approach dogs safely.

The charity’s education officer, Roma Hayward, has been visiting schools across the island this month as part of Dog Bite Prevention Month.

And last week she was at Heron Bay Primary School to give 80 pupils tips on how to avoid being bitten.

Ms Hayward said: “The programme is based on the premise that by the time a child reaches 12 years old, around 50 per cent of them will have been bitten by a dog at some point.

“And this seems to be true in Bermuda.

“The purpose of these interactive learning sessions is to make children aware of dog body language and how they should read situations so they don’t put themselves at risk of being bitten.”

The education initiative is run by the SPCA and the US organization, Doggone Safe, and first began last May when around 700 pupils took part in the classes.

This year the SPCA hopes to speak to a further 300 children at schools across the island.

By Simon Jones BermudaSun