A 5-year-old female chinchilla named Chinchi is currently available for adoption from the Bermuda SPCA, providing an opportunity for a pet lover to provide a home for a unique pet.

The SPCA said, “Chinchi is a friendly girl who is looking for someone to care for her. Chinchillas are similar to rabbits in their needs.

“She requires ample cage space, dust baths, Timothy hay, food and water, toys, and love. If you have never owned a chinchilla before, we encourage you do to some research first before adopting.”

According to Chinchillacare.org, “These small, cute rodents have plush, soft coats of fur. They weigh around 1 to 1.5 pounds and can be up to a foot long. They have rounded ears and eyes on either side of a broad head.

“Their fur is very dense, soft, and pleasant to touch. The fur is often gray, but can be beige, tan, black, or white. These beautiful rodents can live as long as 20 years.”

Chinchillacare.org goes on to say that although Chinchillas can “make wonderful pets for the right family,” they are not recommended for young children and require gentle and careful handling.

“These adorable creatures are social animals and need a lot of interaction,” notes the website. “A lone chinchilla requires a great deal of attention and can become very attached to its owner.”

Chinchi the chinchilla is one of many animals available for adoption from the Bermuda SPCA

By Bernews