Homeless Pooch Gives Blood for Beloved Family Pet

A homeless hound has given a sick family pet the chance of a new lease of life by giving blood.

Gucci’s actions could save the life of fellow-canine, Lilly, who has been struck down by a strain of anemia.

The pit bull cross, who was given up to the SPCA earlier this year, provided 250 millilitres of blood so that Lilly could undergo a bone marrow biopsy that will allow vets to determine how to treat her condition.

Dr Jen Fullerton from Endsmeet Veterinary Practice in Devonshire told the Bermuda Sun that Lilly’s owners were now waiting on the results of the biopsy to see what could be done to help her.

She added: “Lilly’s owners noticed she had been lethargic, pale and had not been herself so they brought her in.

“We were able to ascertain she had a form of anemia and she was unable to produce enough red blood cells.

“But to get a more precise diagnosis and see how best to treat her we had to take a biopsy and sent it away.

“For this to happen Lilly’s red blood cell count had to be over a certain level and this is where Gucci came in.

“It was only thanks to him giving blood that Lilly was able to undergo the procedure.

“We always try to chose healthy, strong dogs for blood transfusions. It is not like humans where there are certain types of bloods — so long as dogs do not undergo multiple transfusions they will be fine.”

Gucci was taken into the Endsmeet practice last week and sedated for around 20 minutes while 250 millilitres of blood was collected.

Gucci’s blood was then passed into Lilly’s system while she remained conscious in a kennel.

The next day Lilly was able to undergo the biopsy operation and surgeons took samples of her bone marrow, which have now been sent away to a specialist unit in Canada.

Dr Fullerton said: “It is now a question of waiting on the results and seeing what we can do once we have them.

“There are a number of possibilities but we would not have been able to find out the problem had it not been for the blood transfusion from Gucci.”

SPCA director, Kim Sherlaw, told the Bermuda Sun that the shelter was still looking for a new home for Gucci.

She added: “Once of twice a year the SPCA is called when blood is needed, generally in an emergency situation at the veterinary hospital.

“Healthy dogs awaiting adoption are selected, and their blood is used to save the life of another dog in need.


“We value the opportunity to work in close partnership with the Island’s veterinary hospitals. Ettrick and Endsmeet Animal Hospitals are very generous in their support of the SPCA .

“The SPCA funds veterinary care for over 600 abandoned, neglected, and homeless animals that are surrendered to the shelter every year.

“SPCA veterinary expenses reach a staggering $100,000 dollars annually, but are critical to the mission of the organization. We simply could not keep these animals healthy without public donations and the compassionate support and care given by the veterinary community.”

Ms Sherlaw described Gucci as “strong, silent and a bit shy”. Adoption applications are now being accepted for Gucci.

“We are committed to saving Gucci’s life by finding him the best forever home. He has given back and we owe this to him as man’s best friend.”

By Simon Jones BermudaSun