‘They say animals find you not the other way round and that is certainly true of Nuala. Since day 1 I think we knew we had found our imperfect but perfect dog and the only word I can use to describe how we feel is that we completely ‘adore’ her. Having a herd of cats at my house, I never thought getting a dog would really be an option but we fostered Nuala and after a week had pretty much decided that she wasn’t going anywhere. In a foot race the cats will always win as Nuala would fall over before getting near them and she also doesn’t appear to see them as well, so the perfect dog for us! Her challenges make her that much more special and she is completely spoiled getting her breakfast in bed followed by her morning walk either down at St. Paul’s church where she does her zoomies (complete with somersaults), chews the grass and sees her doggie pal or more recently to the beach where she loves the sand but is not keen on going near the water. When we first got her she was petrified of the car but now will stand by the door waiting to be lifted in and driven around. Nuala absolutely ‘loves’ people and beelines over to anyone she sees for some fuss often accompanied by some funny looks as her skippy legs go by.

Nuala spends most of her day either snoozing in her bed, on the couch or out in the sunshine. During the summer she will find cool spots in the flower beds or under the bushes. In the evenings she sits between us on the couch thumping her tail and getting lots of love and hugs. Eventually this turns into doggie snores and dreams…”