The Bermuda SPCA Animal Expo and Fair was held by the Bermuda Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals at the Botanical Gardens on November 5th, from 10am to 4pm.

At this free event there was a range of events that both owners and their pets could enjoy, from silly pet trick contests, cat adoptions, a dog parade, Police K9 dog displays, face painting, free treats and trinkets for pets to fun Animal educational talks, just to name a few.

One visitor, Rick, was at the event with his three-year-old Miniature Schnauzers, George and Olly. According to Rick, George has a rather spunky, outgoing and athletic personality and Olly has a shy but independent personality.

“I rather enjoyed the cat exhibit,” said Rick. “I liked learning more about them as they were being displayed for adoption.”

Shalika, age 14, was with her three-year-old Fox Terrier named Cici.

Shalika described Cici’s personality as “friendly, outgoing and playful”.

They enjoyed the dog show the best. They were amazed by the police dogs and watched in excitement as they got to see what a police dog does when it is sent after a criminal.

Dina, aged 14, has two dogs, a Yorki and a Shorki.

She was unable to bring them to the event, as she was volunteering for the day.

“I haven’t seen too much since I came,” she acknowledged, “but so far I like the food they have.”

She did make sure to get her two special boys, Buster Bailey Boy and Titch, little toys to give to them when she went home.

When asked to describe her dogs’ personalities she said: “Titch is protective, loves people and is very energetic. Buster Boy is clever and fast.”

She went on to reflect one of her funniest memories: “I remember one day everyone was in the living room watching TV, and Titch comes into the room, jumps onto my dad’s lap and poops on him.

“I was laughing so hard. apparently we forgot to put Titch’s mat back in the bathroom.”

She laughed at the recalled memory.

By Allanna Bean, –The Berkeley Institute The Royal Gazette