The SPCA is asking anyone who may have knowledge about a situation which involved a puppy being injured and subsequently abandoned in a dumpster to contact them.

The puppy was found in a dumpster in Devonshire today [Apr 10] by a Bernews reader who emailed the photo in. The reader explained that he went to dump some trash and found the puppy sitting in the dumpster, so contacted the SPCA and waited with the puppy until he was collected.

After receiving the photo we contacted the SPCA to get some information, and received the unfortunate news that the puppy had to be euthanised as he was suffering from an incurable condition that was likely caused by a botched attempt at tail docking, which is the intentional removal of part of an animals tail.

In explaining the situation an SPCA spokesperson said, “The puppy in question was taken to a veterinarian for assessment and it was discovered that the puppy had a chronic medical condition resulting in the inability to control its bowels. This is probably why the puppy was dumped. Unfortunately this condition has no treatment so the puppy was euthanised.

“It is quite likely that the problem was caused by a botched attempt at tail docking. The puppies tail had been cut too short and the nerves surrounding the rectal area had been permanently damaged.

“While tail docking in Bermuda is not illegal, it is illegal for it to be done by anyone other than a licenced veterinarian. Whoever did this to the puppy has broken the law and caused unnecessary suffering.

“There is no reason for anyone to dump a dog like this. It was a cowardly act. The SPCA is continuing its inquiries into this situation and if any members of the public have any information that may be of help to us please contact us as soon as possible.”

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the SPCA on 236-7333.

By Bernews