Sandys Rotary Club and the SPCA are to work together to care for a tiger being brought to Bermuda for a magic show.

The two organizations met this week to discuss the welfare of the white tiger, which will appear on stage at the Fairmont Southampton Resort next year.


Representatives from Sandys Rotary and the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) got together on Monday to “ensure the tiger, whilst in Bermuda, would not be prone to any acts of cruelty or inhumane treatment”.

It comes after the SPCA expressed concerns about the Rick Thomas Magic Show, which takes place at the Mid-Ocean Amphitheatre from February 25 to March 5.

As reported in the Bermuda Sun, the SPCA said it did not condone the use of animals in entertainment as this was “exploiting animals for ­financial gain”.

But the care of the­animal whilst in transit and ­on-island was discussed at this week’s meeting.

It was agreed an SPCA inspector would check over the tiger’s accommodation prior to its arrival.

David Sullivan, a spokesman for Sandys Rotary Club, said the ­organization would ensure neither the animal or public would be at risk.

He said: “Sandys Rotary Club recognize and understand the SPCA’s position and their concerns about the welfare of this tiger and all animals. “The purpose of this event is solely for charitable purposes and funds raised from the show will be used to benefit local children and family charities, as well as PolioPlus.

“Sandys Rotary has taken on the task of raising funds during these challenging times as it believes that charities will need the most help next year when economic conditions are likely to worsen.”

Kim Sherlaw, director of the SPCA, had questioned whether the tiger would suffer injury or distress, and whether proper veterinary care was available.

She said: “Even if you don’t support the Rick Thomas Magic Show and choose not to attend, I would encourage people to give charitably to Sandys Rotary, being appreciative of their worthy fundraising efforts to help local charities in Bermuda and to support PolioPlus.”

By BermudaSun