The SPCA is opening its shelter this Saturday for the public to meet animals, adopt pets and join in a raffle.

The open house is being held in lieu of the charity’s annual Fun Fair and Expo at the Botanical Gardens, which is not being held this year.

From 11am until 4pm, the SPCA shelter on Valley Road, Paget will welcome visitors to show the programmes and services provided by the charity.

Kittens, cats and small mammals will be available for adoption, and guests can also ask about the SPCA’s dog adoption programme.

Adoption fees will be waived for small pets. In recent weeks the organisation has received a number of rabbits and guinea pigs.

Adoption criteria include photo identification and a permission letter from a landlord.

There will be $5 raffle tickets on offer, with a bake sale, and early Christmas shopping at the SPCA store, which supports a fund for animals in special need.

In addition, there will be a fish show, and a book sale supporting the SPCA’s planned multi-purpose park.

As well as donating to the charity, the community can help the SPCA by donating supplies.

The SPCA will gratefully receive the following items: Whiskas Dry Cat Food Kitten or Adult, Friskies Can Cat Food Pate, cat litter (non-clumping), climbing trees for cats, toys for cats, and laundry detergent.

Parking this Saturday will be offered at St Paul’s Church field.

By The Royal Gazette