In order to ensure the safety of the SPCA Shelter animals, the Bermuda SPCA will close to the public both Wednesday Oct. 12 and Thursday Oct 13 and intend to re-open on Friday at 11am.

“In an emergency please call 737-1108 or the Hamilton Police Dept. 295-0011 and ask to have the Animal Wardens paged. With Nicole approaching the Island, the Bermuda SPCA’s team is issuing lifesaving tips to keep people and animals safe before, during and after the storm,” the SPCA said.

“It’s important to remember animals when preparing for hurricanes, whether you have pets, farm animals, horses or livestock, animal custodians are required to provide animals with a safe environment,” says Deborah Titterton Narraway, Executive Director of the Bermuda SPCA.

“Your animals should be protected from the storm conditions and are not to be left outside to fend for themselves.“

The SPCA said before the storm

Never leave pets behind. Review your evacuation plans and know a safe place where your pets can go if you need to evacuate.
Microchip your pets and properly affix a tag on your pet’s collar with your name, address and cellphone number so they may be returned quickly in case you are separated from your pets.
Double-check your disaster preparedness kit for your pets [e.g., First Aid kit, leashes, and pets’ carrying cases, bowls, sanitation materials, chew toy, minimum 3 days, ideally 7-10 days of food, meds, water].
Bring children and pets inside; bring outdoor animals inside with a carrier ready large enough to turn around and lie down comfortably.
For animals that cannot be brought into the home such as livestock, check their shelter to ensure that they will be safe from the elements and flying debris.
Have a carrier and leashes at the ready.
If your family must evacuate, ALWAYS take your pets with you.
During the storm

Choose a safe room for riding out the storm—an interior room without windows – and take your entire family there, including your pets.
Stay with pets. If crated, they depend on you for food and water.
Keep your emergency kit in that room with you [food, water, litter, meds].
Secure exits and cat doors so pets can’t escape into the storm.
Do not tranquilize your animals. They’ll need their survival instincts should the storm require that.
After the storm

Make sure the storm has fully passed before going outside and assess damages before allowing children or animals out.
Keep dogs on a leash and cats in a carrier, and children close at hand. Displaced objects and fallen trees can disorient pets and sharp debris could harm them.
Give animals time to become re-oriented. Familiar scents and landmarks may be altered and cause a pet to become confused or lost.
Keep kids and animals away from hazards such as downed power lines and water that may be contaminated.
The SPCA added, “Lost and Found Animals can be reported through the SPCA website using the Lost & Found tab. Be sure to include a recent photo of your animals for easy identification.

“Although the Shelter will be closed to the public, scheduled volunteers are encourage to come in and assist on Wednesday and Friday if it is safe to do so. More disaster preparedness tips and a list of emergency supplies can be found at:”

By Bernews