A stray cat is making an incredible recovery after travelling from the airport to Paget in the hood of a car.

‘Charlie’ received some nasty burns to his body during the voyage and has undergone extensive treatment. But now he looks to be on the road to recovery and SPCA staff are hoping to find him a new home soon.

Jodi Corbett, the charity’s humane education officer, told the Sun: “We think he must have crept into the car while it was left in the long term car park up at the airport. Then when the car’s owner returned to Bermuda she drove all the way back to Paget without knowing there was a cat in the engine. She arrived home and heard a big bump and the cat appeared from under the car. It must have been quite a shock!”

Charlie has been receiving treatment to his burns at the Etterick Animal Hospital in Warwick.

And he has been receiving around the clock care and attention from Ms Corbett at the SPCA shelter.

Ms Corbett added: “He is such an even tempered little thing.

“He really is very easy going and everyone here loves him. It is pretty amazing that he survived the journey to be honest and we have been spoiling him ever since.

“Now the plan is to find him the lovely home which he deserves.”

By Simon Jones BermudaSun