SPCA Rescues Malnourished Carriage Horses

Tougher ownership rules would help make sure the island’s horses and ponies are properly cared for, the Bermuda Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said yesterday. Sarah Haycock, president of the SPCA, renewed the charity’s call for a register that would require owners to license their horses and ponies and provide proof of […]

Two Former Carriage Horses Rescued By SPCA

The Bermuda Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals [SPCA] has rescued two former carriage horses and is seeking to raise funds for their retirement. The two horses, known as Arthur and Charlie, were found in very poor condition following an anonymous tip from a member of the public. They had previously been carriage […]

Bermuda SPCA Set To Hold Halloween Camp

The Bermuda SPCA is getting set to host its Halloween Camp from October 23 to October 27, with a series of activities planned for children aged 10 to 14. Activities at the camp will include exploring myths with animals, a full tour, scavenger hunt, pumpkin carving, animal presentations, special guests, interactive games, and fun Halloween […]

Hunt for Neglected Dog’s Owner

An animal-rights activist said last night she was “deeply saddened” by photographs of a starving and diseased dog that was rescued by the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Grace Markham, co-founder of Punish the Deed not the Breed Bermuda, said she was “incredibly upset” by the images. Ms Markham called for a get- […]

Forklift Used To Rescue Cat Stuck Under Grill

Thanks to a ‘joint operation’ by the SPCA and the Corporation of St George’s, a cat that managed to get stuck under a drain grill in St. George’s was safely rescued. The SPCA said, “Our inspector had an emergency call out. A cat was stuck under a drain grill in the town square of St. […]

Children Learn to Care for Animals

Learning to care for abandoned animals teaches youngsters care and compassion, a charity said yesterday. Jodi Corbett, humane education officer at the SPCA, said that the organisation’s annual summer camp helped children develop new skills in animal welfare. She added: “It starts with the youth learning about animal care, kindness and compassion.” And she said: […]

SPCA To Host Tag Day This Friday & Saturday

The Bermuda SPCA will hold its annual tag days this Friday and Saturday, and this week Premier Michael Dunkley started the ball rolling by purchasing the first tag of 2017. With his two and a half-year-old golden retriever, Breeze, at his side, Mr. Dunkley said he was “very pleased to support the SPCA.” “My family […]

Premier Buys First SPCA Tag

Michael Dunkley has kicked off the Bermuda SPCA’s annual tag days which be held tomorrow and Saturday. With his two and a half-year-old golden retriever, Breeze, at his side, the Premier said he was “very pleased to support the SPCA” as he bought the first tag. “My family and I are all animal lovers and […]

SPCA Launching Fireworks Notification Emails

The Bermuda SPCA is launching a new initiative aimed at providing a warning system for pet owners whose animals are frightened and prone to escaping in panic during fireworks displays. Michele Lawrence, SPCA Shelter Chairman: “The noise of fireworks can be incredibly traumatic for some pets, especially dogs. After almost every fireworks display we see […]

SPCA to Launch Fireworks Alert System

A new initiative to warn pet owners of fireworks displays is being launched by the Bermuda SPCA. The charity is asking event planners to contact it if they will be setting off fireworks and it will inform all those signed up to dedicated e-mail alerts. “The noise of fireworks can be incredibly traumatic for some […]

Dog Owner Accused of Cruelty

The Bermuda Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has launched a private prosecution against a dog owner whose puppy was reportedly found chained to the ceiling, and later died. Appearing in Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Kenneth Dyer denied a charge of causing undue suffering and pain to a dog between an unknown date and […]

SPCA Appeal After Dog Carcasses Found

The Society for the Protection of Animals has launched a public appeal for information after a spate of dog carcass discoveries. In the last 50 days four dead animals — one of which had been decapitated — have been found at different locations across the island. SPCA Inspector Chris Coleman told The Royal Gazette it […]