Calypso is settling in well. She’s a very easy kitty. Calm and really sweet and affectionate. We all love her ! 

Mrs. Puff

Mrs. Puff is settling in well in her new home!


Gordon is a great old boy and doing wonderfully. We were good from the first night but he’s gotten more and more comfortable. His snoring, early morning wake ups and general cat antics have progressed hilariously. I love him, thanks so much for connecting us! 

Thumper & Buggs

My kids declared this the best Christmas ever! A month later and the bunnies have settled nicely. Super friendly. We love their noses and watching them eat when we let them out to free roam the yard. They are sooo cute!


Apollo became a member of our family in March of 2021. He loves to go boating, swimming, take long walks, car rides, play with his toys (and pull out all of its stuffing!), make new friends, and play in his tunnel.

Aston & JW

So the dynamic duo formerly known as Martin and Cheeto aka Aston and JW are living a much pampered and luxurious lifestyle in the east end. They have settled in perfectly and are two bundles of joy.


‘They say animals find you not the other way round and that is certainly true of Nuala. Since day 1 I think we knew we had found our imperfect but perfect dog and the only word I can use to describe how we feel is that we completely ‘adore’ her. Having a herd of cats […]


Avery, now renamed Sushi, is doing amazing! He was very very shy his first week and a half in his new home-hiding under every piece of furniture and even in the couch! He has come out of his shell and is extremely affectionate and playful. Climbing, hunting his toy squirrel, and water takes up 75% […]


As you can see, Maizy is settling well into her new home! She LOVES cuddling. She warmed up extremely fast. She likes bird watching and people watching from her window. She loves playing in the little house where I put her blanket that came with her from the SPCA inside of. She’s starting to get […]


This is hard to believe but December 8th marked a year with Melvin in our lives! What an absolute dear he continues to be!

DJ – Davey Jones

We had been wanting to adopt a dog for a while but were waiting to get everything ready. Finally we were ready and we got a call from the SPCA to meet a 6 month Pitbull mix named Davey Jones. We visited a few days later and fell in love with this sweet white and […]


Ziggy has settled in really well and is an amazing addition to our family!