The SPCA has launched a new affordable programme to ensure that pet cats can be permanently identified, wherever they may roam.

The multi-phase Cat Spay, Neuter, Identify Programme (CatSnip) has begun with “Chip Chip Hooray” that ensures all cats, with an identifiable owner, are microchipped so that they can be permanently identified. The next phase of the program, which will be the spay/neuter of owned cats, will be announced in the coming weeks. The SPCA is able to offer the microchipping service for $20 — less than half of what it would normally cost.

The procedure is quick and easy and the SPCA is offering this at either Ettrick Animal Hospital or Endsmeet Animal Hospital. Both Hospitals have agreed to do the microchipping at no cost to the SPCA therefore enabling the full $20 to be put straight into the CatSnip programme to help offset the cost of the chip and to help fund the second phase.

To book an appointment call Ettrick Animal Hospital on 236-0007 or Endsmeet Animal Hospital on 236-3292. Allison Williams, President of the SPCA, says: “One of the most responsible things you can do for your cat is to have him or her microchipped and the SPCA is very pleased to be able to offer this at a minimal cost.”

By Sarah Lagan BermudaSun