“We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.” That is the motto of the SPCA. Animals play a very important part in our lives. They give love and companionship to those who open their homes and make them part of their family.

Twice during March the SPCA education coordinator Roma Hayward visited the sixth grade religion classes at Mount Saint Agnes Academy with one of the SPCA cats named Panda. She showed the students a Powerpoint presentation on the work of the SPCA. Some of the stories were very touching. It was hard to believe that some people do not give their pets a loving home. She then engaged the students in a survey of the pets they owned.

For their Lenten sacrifice the sixth grade at MSA decided to make the animals at the SPCA part of their community service project. The students have been making sacrifices on behalf of the animals presently living at the SPCA. MSA teacher Annette Boyle was pleased to announce that the sixth grade at MSA had collected $597.67 which they used to buy a number of items.

For dogs they purchased 76 cans of dog food, three 28-pound bags of dry dog food, two boxes of dog biscuits, a bag of rawhide bone treats, a toy, a nylabone and a food dish. Cats received 158 cans of cat food, and two 23 pound bags of dry cat food, a toy, and a food dish. There was even money left over to buy a towel, eye wipes and a case of bleach to keep the environment germ-free.

By The Royal Gazette