“Hi, I’m Pepper,

I used to be called Piper at the SPCA but my new mummy thinks I have a ‘sweet and spicy’ personality, so that’s why I’m called “Pepper”. 

I love my new home! I get to play catch and do all the zoomies I want in the big front yard AND I have my own comfy bed – even though l like sleeping on mummy & daddy’s bed too! I get lots of treats, especially after mummy taught me how to ring the bells on the door so that I can go outside to go to the bathroom.

My mummy and daddy spoil me too! I have lots of new toys and like to play ‘Tug-of-War’ with my rabbit toy – it’s really stretchy!! I even have a new pink collar that says “Hot Stuff” on it!!  It’s a bit too big but mummy says I will grow into it. I love my hot sauce bandana on my new collar. Daddy says it suits me.

If you have a chance, stop by the SPCA, they always have other dogs, like me, that want a loving mummy and daddy too.

I’m off to play with my squeaky now.