I didn’t expect too much from Raven after the first meeting . She pretty much ignored me but Sarah wanted her so it was not long before Raven was home with us.

I always wanted an early riser in the house to keep me company at 4:30/5:00 am. It’s a good time for a walk and Raven laps it up! She is queen of the neighborhood or she thinks she is. She is so people friendly.

Raven has an going feud with a crane.  There are now 2 of them in the hood. When they hear us coming they take flight and bark at us and Raven returns those barks.

She is very funny at times –  like when she reminds us when its time to eat and to go out…. she talks to us(growl) at us LOL. Or when she’s on my lap and gives Sarah the side eye as if to say “He’s mine.” Raven is now our best friend and part of the family. The three kids, now all moved out, love her too. Spittal Pond is her walk of choice and tug of war the favorite game.