Charity Pleads for Public to Adopt Abandoned Cats or Donate Vital Food and Supplies

The SPCA animal shelter is being inundated with dozens of abandoned cats and kittens.

The charity is currently looking after more than 70 cats of various ages, which have either been found or surrendered.

Staff are providing round-the-clock care for more than 20 kittens – some of which are just weeks old. Vet and SPCA chairman Andrew Madeiros said: “The rising number of cats being abandoned in Bermuda is the big crisis we face at the moment.


“It is a huge issue and stems from the number of cats out there that have not been neutered and spayed.

“We have far more abandoned cats and kittens at the shelter now than we normally do at this time of year.

“It’s a real problem and of course it means there is a much bigger pool to harbour the various diseases cats suffer from.

“Furthermore, looking after all the cats in a major use of our time and resources.

“People need to step up to the plate and make sure their pets are not able to have litters which will just be abandoned. We cannot place these kittens – those days are gone.”


SPCA director Kim Sherlaw added: “We have been inundated with cats and kittens in the last few months.

“We could really do with public’s help in looking after these animals. We are having real difficulty in getting many of these animals adopted.

“The SPCA is a charity that relies heavily on donations so it would be great if people help us out with cat food, litter, toys and other supplies to help us care for these animals.”

By Simon Jones BermudaSun