Don’t be fooled by his tough guy looks, he is a big softy!

Tanner currently holds the title of Longest Canine Resident! How has this gent been here with us for 7 months?! This is not a title any of our dogs want to hold. While we all adore him, he is desperately longing to be in a home of his own.

Do you like to hop in the car and go for a drive? How about a long walk on the beach? Playing ball endlessly? Well, Tanner is definitely the guy for you! All of that, and he snuggles! He does have a slight obsession with a metal food bowl, but hey, we all have some kind of quirk 🙂

Due to the labor laws we are unable to employ young children. So, this means it is very difficult for us to know how most of our dogs do with young children. That being said, Tanner may do well in a home with older teenage children due to his play and vocals.

If you think this Older Gent might fit into your life, please go to and fill out an adoption application to set up a Meet & Greet!!